You had me at sushi

Isn’t it funny how our taste buds change?

I’ve always been a seafood lover, but wouldn’t dare touch sushi until late 2014. Somehow I managed to go 22 years without eating a single roll, and I’ll tell ya I have been making up for it since. Any day, any time. I’m game for sushi.


My obsession/addiction has almost become problematic. With UberEats at my finger tips, I find myself ordering sushi for lunch when it is convenient at work. During the hustle and bustle, it is easy to opt out of running around to get food and have it deliver straight to my door.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with UberEats, download the app and find out if you are in a participating city. Use my code: eats-katiew4982ue for $5 off your first order. #UberEats


Notable Rolls


$$ The Lure – Saint Petersburg, FL

The Screaming Dave-O (right) & Jasmine from the Block (left).

What makes these specialty rolls so special? The beautiful presentation with mango, avocado, scallions, and jalapenos bring color to each piece. Like a work of art… sometimes a little too perfect to eat. But I’ll do it, you know what they say not all heroes wear capes.

The menu at this St. Pete spot also includes sandwiches and brunch. In the heart of downtown, you can’t pass up a roll at the Lure.

$$ Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi – Mt. Dora, FL


I didn’t know a sushi donut was a thing, but somehow my two favorite foods were combined into one?! The Spicy Tuna Donut will run you $8.50, and it is worth every penny.

Wave also features other sushi novelties. Sushi burgers, sushi burritos, suhi fries, and sushi nachos are all on the menu.

Highly recommend the Krab Rangoon specialty roll. So many good options on this menu, it was honestly hard to decide. Next time, Tsunami Roll I’m coming for ya… & 2 donuts.

$ Oudom Thai & Sushi – Orlando, FL


The Stetson roll incorporates spicy tuna, cream cheese, and asparagus into perfection.


The Unforgettable roll, another great choice off this menu. Each sushi lunch includes your choice of soup and salad. I would also recommend their edamame and spring rolls.

$$ Soho Sushi – Tampa, FL


Kiss of Fire (left) and The New Yorker (right) were both delicious.

If you hit Happy Hour at Soho Sushi, get ready to enjoy multiple rolls, sake, and tuna nachos without breaking the bank. This hidden gem also serves a sweet sangria.


$ Sunset Grille – Marathon, FL


The Florida Roll – conch, asparagus, krab, and avocado.

Just over the 7 mile bridge lies a foodie paradise that is Sunset Grill. With more than just sushi, their menu appeals to everyone in your party. The beautiful setting under a large tiki makes for a scenic experience.


There is even a pool that you can use on site and bar side. This is a great pit stop for lunch before heading into Key West.


$ Shin Japanese Cuisine – Orlando, FL


Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, & Mexican Roll.

Shin’s lunch special is no competition. 3 rolls, soup and salad for less than $15? The possibilities are endless. Other spots in close proximity include Shakai, Sodo Sushi, Bento, Amura, and Yamasan. All around the same price range, and feature unique specialty rolls and happy hour specials.



I was a little late to the poke game. Legitimately thought people were talking about Pokemon *blonde moment*

Similar to sushi, poke uses raw fish and is put into bowls and burritos.

$ Too Much Sauce – Orlando, FL


$ DaKine Poke Bowl – Orlando, FL & NSB


$$ BJ Brewhouse – Oviedo, FL


$$ Big Kahuna’s – Winter Springs, FL


I really feel for those seafood allergy folks. You guys are troopers for sitting through meals with the rest of us. Luckily, there are options like a ginger salad, edamame, or hibachi on the menu of most sushi joints.


Pregnant women also stray away from this delicacy. Not sure how anyone can go 9 months without sushi? Moms truly are the real MVP. #ThankYoMama

Above all other places…

There is one specific sushi restaurant that is a cut above everyone else. I will reserve a separate blog specifically dedicated to Amura Sushi in Lake Mary, FL. Shoot me a message and let me know your favorite place. Until then, happy eating!



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