How food inspires fashion

You know that old saying, you are what you eat. But how often are we wearing those exacts snacks in our style?


Food is a growing trend in our every day threads. From designers like Betsey Johnson who push the envelope with soup can and banana shaped purses, to basic graphic tee’s at your local Target. Food is in, and it isn’t going anywhere.


But what has millennials sporting what satisfies their taste buds? My guess is as good as yours, but I believe brand loyalty could play a huge role in it. Think about it, are you likely to wear a shirt for a company or restaurant you don’t support. Doubt it. But if you had a great experience somewhere, or find a new food to obsess over would you? Quite possibly.

Food is also such a conversation starter, and bonding over food is a real thing. Haven’t you heard the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach? Just me? Food is inviting. You see a pizza shirt and you’re like they know what’s up. Maybe I’ll ask them for a recommendation? BOOM. Friendship.


At the end of the day I wouldn’t rock any Katy Perry-like over-the-top food inspired ensembles, but you may see me in yoga pants and foodie graphic tee. Actually, anything pineapples.

pineapple dress

This look brought to you by Forever 21 and Vans. #AwkoTaco


In fact, I’ve been chefin’ up some designs for all the foodies out there.  As I formally set up an online shop, please contact via email for order inquires. All sizes are available for both men and women. Ladies, keep an eye out for additional accessories and some bling that are still in the works.

Happy Eating Foodie Fam!



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