How I turned eating into a Lifestyle

Ever wonder how and why I do what I do? 2018 was the year I ditched a 9-5 to pursue not a job, but a CAREER in food blogging and marketing. Anyone else have the rug ripped out from under them this year, or take a GIANT leap of faith? Don’t forget that with large risks comes large rewards. Your entire life can change in a single day.


Yep that’s right, one day I woke up and thought I am too creative to be doing what I am right now, forever. Happiness is not feeling underutilized in your role. Desperately seeking for an avenue to showcase my passion and strengths, I found myself in an internal struggle yearning for more… and of course eating my feelings.



From the get go I have always been an artist. (A starving artist at that, ha)  A writer. An out of the box thinker. A photographer. An observer. Itching to create. Always down to eat. Juggling projects and ideas. Craving to collaborate and bring things to fruition.


Truth is I actually had been taking photographs of my meals… and just about everything else since elementary school. Journals upon journals.

Canvases, notebooks, you name it. Expression is everything.

49496020_344239769734254_3992023895195516928_n Circa 1997

But while this passion did not happen overnight, my decision to create a dedicated platform for myself did. “KATIE EATZ” began in January 2018 – after talking myself in and out of it for who knows how long.


After having some phone issues, I had to restore it and came across some earlier food photos that had gone unseen for awhile.*Turns off Food Network* Decides to create a dedicated Instagram and blog but that is not where it ends.

Social media is only where it begins. Read that again.

Like I have previously said, It is not just #EatingForTheInsta.


Before the full time foodie life I thought this, but there is more.


Follows, likes, yes all of that is great. Validation is awesome, I appreciate all of the support I truly do.  But at the end of the day, the content and recommendations I provide are only half the story. The connections you make with people are everything.


Through media events and Instagram I have met dozens of local foodies. I feel super blessed to have developed some great friendships and get to explore the delicious cuisines in the greater Orlando area together.


The past six months have been pivotal in my overall growth as a person and with that so many things have changed. Happy to say for the better! Wanted to give those who do not know me a little peek into my life, and for those who do just a quick life update.


THANK YOU as always my Foodie Fam for following along with me on adventures,  & subscribing to all of my social media channels and blog. My goal will forever be to  spread positive vibes and recommendations for delicious eats. Always like to get feedback and suggestions from you guys, I live for those messages. As I get to know all of you, you will get to know all of me…our relationship will be like an onion. Layers peeling back slowly. (If you thought Shrek instantly ILY)  But really.


Happy to celebrate 5K followers, as this was a goal I set for myself day 1. Cannot wait to continue learning, growing, and connecting with more of you. This year has been one for the books, and I plan to end it just like I started… #Eating of course! Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Blessings, Love, and TONS of carbs in 2019! And another bowl win for my Knights at the UCFiesta #ChargeOn





Old Main Street – Downtown Bradenton

200 Gulf Drive North, Bradenton Beach Fireworks


Light it Up! NYE Fireworks on Clearwater Beach

Wyndham Grand Clearwater – live music poolside

Shephard’s – Salt Tequila Bar – live music

Jimmy’s on the Edge


Tailfin’s – No Cover

Destin on the water – sunset cruises

Ft. Lauderdale

The Balcony – Masquerade Party – food and open bar

Blush Luxury – Wine Tasting and Dance Party


Marlin & Barrel Masquerade

Myth Night Club

Lake Mary

Liam FitzPatricks Block Party


W Miami

The Wharf

Wynwood Brewery

Bayfront Park


The Melting Pot

Graffiti Junktion Thorton Park Block Party

WOB – Great Gatsby

Howl At the Moon – International Drive

Blue Martini – Pointe Orlando

Church Street Block Party – Ball Drop

Ormond Beach

31 Supper Club – Ball Drop


Black Hammock – Lazy Gator Bar

Rock & Brew’s – Live Music


Rosie O’Grady’s

Kazoo’s Rockin’ Eve – Blue Wahoos Stadium

Pensacola Beach – Fireworks

O’Riley’s Irish Pub

Menu Tasting – Union Public House



Wop’s Hops Brewing Company

Buster’s Bistro

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree



Marina Jack Dinner and Dancing Fireworks Celebration Cruise

Pineapple Drop – corner of Lemon Avenue and Main Street

Sharky’s Beach Bash

Fisherman’s Village


St. Augustine

Beach Blast Off, St. Johns County Pier

Salt Life Food Shack – rooftop dinner

Sunset Grille

Scarlett O’Hara’s – Live Music

Prohibition Kitchen – “Saved by the Bell” 90’s themed party


St. Pete

“Toast by the Coast”

Downtown Block Party



Gala at Armature Works

Aloft Downtown

The Attic on Kennedy

Club Prana – rooftop Skybar


Winter Garden

Plant Street Block Party


Winter Park

The Alfond Inn – Rollins

Orlando Museum of Art




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