New Year, Still Eating

2019 is looking bright


Pinky’s back, and that is about all that’s new over here… still eating!

Much like everyone else, I have set some fitness goals for the year…. but I’ve also set some FITTING-DIS (entire menu’s worth of food in my mouth) GOALS. Did you know that statistics show that people are 80% more likely to achieve things when they write them down? Consider this my resolutions list for the year, and you bet I’m crossing every one of these off in less than 365 days. Let’s start with these…

AMURA SUSHI – Sushi Boat – The place where I first fell in love with sushi…and after 4 years I have yet to order a sushi boat. May just order it solo for the challenge.

ARMOUR DE MIAMI – The Fried Camembert Burger – 3 hours is nothing, I will fly across the country for the perfect meal (just read previous blog: eat your way thru NYC in a day) and this burger would be the perfect reason to travel south this winter.

BAD AS’S SANDWHICHES“The Poseidon” – King Crab Meat Sandwhich, also never been there so this is the perfect excuse to see what the hype is about!

BAGATELLE MIAMI BEACH – Mega Sundae – An extra large ice cream sundae is exactly what the doctor ordered this year. He didn’t mention multiple spoons though? Whoops.

BEEFY KING – Roast Beef Sandwich – Somehow I used to lived a block away from this Orlando spot and have yet to go! Eager to check out the unique BBQ flavors I’ve heard about.

BIG PINK – Double Decker Bacon Cheeseburger- So are you  really surprised this made the list? To start this place is an absolute dream. Yeah this may end up being one of the first ones checked off… Double Decker Donut Buns? Yum yes please.

FABRIC PIZZA – Specialty Pizzas – Ready to drive west for the Rossa base, fresh mozzarella, soppressata and fresh garlic topped slice with tobasco and honey drizzle. Hold on as I wipe the drool from my face.

GIDEON’S BAKEHOUSEFrankenstein cookie (somehow I missed this limited time only specialty cookies & cream + m&m’s topped delicacy last October – *Siri set reminder for Oct 1* )

HUNGER STREET TACOS – Bone Marrow Sope – Went to HST recently and fell in love. Multiple people told me this dish is life changing, and I’m ready for it.

KELLY’S HOMEMADE ICECREAM – Everything with sprinkles – Don’t know how I can call myself a local when I have not stepped foot into this establishment. I’m working on it.

LUKE’S LOBSTER – Caviar Lobster Roll – Always looking for a reason to hit the city and I’m needing a little lobster in my life right about now.

MOCHI DOCHI- Japanese Mochi Donuts – Light, soft, and chewy? I am intrigued. Never pass up a doughnut, FOR SCIENCE!

MUNCHIES 420 CAFE Munchies – Quite everything on the menu is perfect to fulfill those every day cravings. It’s been a minute since I have paid a visit to Sarasota!

OOH RAW! POKE + JUICE BAR Dragonfruit Pineapple Bowl – Anything served in a pineapple can automatically be added to the list.

OXFORD EXCHANGE – Chocolate Chip Pancakes – So I went here for the first time about a month ago, and it definitely lived up to expectations. However, even though I enjoyed what I ordered I could not help but eye the incredibly beautiful pancakes at the table next to me. Hence why it made the list.

POM POM’S TEA HOUSE – Hanging Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque – If you know me you know I love me a good grilled cheese paired with tomato soup. Not ashamed to say I’ve ordered way too much Pom Pom’s on UberEats, I am sad to say I have yet to order this.

STASIO’S – Porchetta Sandwich – Grabbed a dessert here but have been told I must try!

SUGAR RUSHRainbow Smores – Smore color the better, DUH.

SUSURU- Matcha Tiramisu – This restaurant is new to Orlando and seems to becoming a fan favorite around here. Cannot say I have had Matcha anything, and this intrigues me so — add it to the list.

SWEET STACK SHACK – Stacked Ice Cream Sandwiches – Finding myself over in the St. Pete area more and more, and this staple has to happen.

TASTY BEACH CAFE – Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast – Gotta make a trip down to the 305 for this one. I am sucker for fruity pebbles and all things cheesecake, this is sure to be a winner.

THE HALL ON FRANKLIN – Freak Shake – Tampa’s favorite spot for crazy milkshakes, changing by the month. The Pink Cake slice shake caught my eye, go figure.

ZERO DEGREESFlaming Hot Cheetos Mac & Cheese – Need I say More?


Know an iconic dish or drink that I seemed to have missed? PLEASE let me know.

As always Foodie Fam, Happy Eating!

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